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$250,000 IN CASH AND PRIZES IN 2018



ONE (1) $50,000 WINNER

ONE (1) $10,000 RUNNER UP

A Few Common Questions

No, you do not have to use supplements to be one of the Transphormation or Trainer winners. However, it would be unethical for us to promote someone as a 1st Phorm Transphormation winner that used non 1st Phorm products to achieve their transphormation results. If you use supplements to make your transphormation they need to be 1st Phorm supplements. Besides, if you win you will be fully reimbursed for your all of your supplement purchases through for the period in which you won the transphormation challenge.

NO! The nutrition and exercise programs on this site are proven guidelines for you to follow that will get you results. They are simply there to help keep you on track and give you a plan. You are more than welcome to follow any diet or exercise program of your own to make your transphormation. Just be sure and document it as the more video content the better when selecting winners!!

Correct! There will be a $50,000 First Place Winner and a $10,000 Second Place Winner!

You certainly can. In fact, you are automatically re-entered. Just because you didn't win, didn't mean we didn't like your entry. Keep in mind that we get tens of thousands of entries and it's really tough to narrow that down to just one or two people ... really tough. Because of this, any entries that do not win will automatically be rolled over into the next challenge. That being said if you continue to transphorm we highly suggest you update your pics and videos so we can see the best version of you!

Heck ya, we can. That's what we're here for! Not only do we have meal plans, exercise plans, recipes and other tips on the site to help you along the way...but we're also available anytime for customized advice on your diet, nutrition, supplementation and training. Every single 1st Phorm employee is a NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and a 1st Phorm Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. That means not only are we committed to helping you achieve your goals, we'll also be capable of doing whatever it takes to help you get there! Shoot us an email or call us anytime!